Troubleshooting common electrical problems in your home and how to know if they require the help of a professional

Electrical problems in your home are common and can vary a lot in degree of severity and the amount of damage they can cause. The solution to most problems is to call a licensed electrician and have them solve the problem, which will guarantee the best result possible while always keeping you out of harm's way. However, for some issues, it is possible for you to save some money by solving them on your own. Read More 

4 Changes To Consider When Replacing Your Metal Roof

There comes a time when your metal roof cannot cover your house adequately any more. This happens if the lifespan of the roofing comes to an end or where dilapidation has led to the roof becoming unsafe. Whatever the case may be, if you're planning to re-roof your home, you might want to think about carrying out the following changes as well. Roofing colour change Now that you're carrying out a re-roof, it's your change to change the colour of your metal roofing sheets, if you would like to. Read More 

How Your Small Business Can Benefit From Fibre Optics

Few small business owners would deny that the business landscape has changed since the advent of the Internet. In an economy where every competitive edge counts, a reliable, high-speed broadband connection to the rest of your network and to the Internet can improve workplace efficiency—and that means saving a lot of money. Fiber Optic Cabling for Local Networks Imagine how many times this scene has played out in your workplace: you or an employee needs to transfer a file. Read More 

How to make having demolition work on your house run as smoothly as possible

When having demolition work performed on your home, it's stressful whatever way you do it. Having your entire home undone and then built back up again is going to take time and you will have to make adjustments during the meantime. You will also have to think about the rebuilding of your home in good time, which means that you might have to make arrangements for the rebuilding while the demolition is taking place. Read More 

Answers to Some of the Most Commonly Asked Questions About Granny Flats

Granny flats are like small cottages that are built on a home's property, usually the backyard. These are meant to accommodate an elderly parent but of course they can also be used for teenagers returning home from school, for visitors, and the like. If you're thinking about a granny flat on your homestead, note a few commonly asked questions about these structures so you can then discuss the option with a builder. Read More