How to make having demolition work on your house run as smoothly as possible

When having demolition work performed on your home, it's stressful whatever way you do it. Having your entire home undone and then built back up again is going to take time and you will have to make adjustments during the meantime. You will also have to think about the rebuilding of your home in good time, which means that you might have to make arrangements for the rebuilding while the demolition is taking place. To make all of this work easier, and to have the building demolition of your home run as smoothly as possible, there are a few things you should think about.

Keep out of the way

The demolition workers are experienced and they know what to do to make sure you get the best possible result of your building demolition. Many times, your advice will only take time off their already tight schedule. Your role in the demolition work is to make sure you and your family are out of the way so that they can focus on their work. Make arrangements to stay at a friend's or a relative's house if you can't afford a hotel, and only visit the site occasionally to keep yourself updated with the project.

Keeping things

Demolition work leaves little space for preserving things, and especially if there are structures or parts of your house you want to keep. Make sure the demolition workers know from the beginning if there's anything you want to preserve, such as floorboards or cabinets. Remember that this is no guarantee and if there's no other way to remove things than to destroy the things you want to keep, they will have to be sacrificed. To ensure that you get to keep the things you want, you should consider removing them by yourself beforehand, so that they aren't in the way for all the other demolition work that will be going on.


Sometimes, the demolition company (like Dig Dig Pty Ltd) communicates with the construction company responsible for the rebuilding on their own, but the most common scenario is that you will have to act as the middle man. Ask both companies for timeframes and try to fit them together. Also convey wishes from the rebuilding company to the demolition company for a smooth process. You could, for example, ask them to not tear down structures in the house's foundation that you know that the rebuilding company wish to keep. Make sure you get a complete plan from the rebuilding company so that you know what to ask for.