How Your Small Business Can Benefit From Fibre Optics

Few small business owners would deny that the business landscape has changed since the advent of the Internet. In an economy where every competitive edge counts, a reliable, high-speed broadband connection to the rest of your network and to the Internet can improve workplace efficiency—and that means saving a lot of money.

Fiber Optic Cabling for Local Networks

Imagine how many times this scene has played out in your workplace: you or an employee needs to transfer a file. The next twenty minutes are spending searching for that thumb drive—it has to be in the drawer somewheretransferring the file to the drive, physically carrying the drive to the recipient's computer, and then spending even more time downloading it.

This kind of problem can be completely avoided with a properly set up local network. For near-instant speeds to share most files between computers, fibre optic cable is the ultimate choice. Compared to copper, fibre is significantly cheaper, lasts longer, weighs less, consumes less energy, and transmits data much faster. This, combined with making your employees more efficient, can be a big source of savings.

Faster Internet Access

Even if a small business owner decides not to outfit their entire office with fibre optics, they can still benefit from switching to an Internet service provider that uses fibre. This is available in most major metropolitan areas, and it is a significant upgrade from cable services.

Again, faster speeds means more time saved. Fibre connections make tasks that are usually very time consuming much easier, such as when performing full system backups. Normally these kinds of tasks use up office resources, or might even have to be scheduled for future nights or weekends, leaving unsaved data vulnerable.

Fibre Offers High End Security

Data is significantly safer when transmitted over fibre instead of alternatives such as copper. This is because fibre doesn't radiate signals, and if the line is ever physically tapped, the entire system tends to fail—inconvenient to be sure, but better than having data stolen for weeks or months.

Fibre Prices Continue to Fall

When first introduced to the market, fibre optics were quite expensive. However, as with most technological developments, the price for the cabling itself and associated equipment has steadily fallen due to international connectivity. Fibre is now a financially viable option for small businesses, allowing business owners to take advantage of all of its benefits in a cost effective manner.

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