4 Reasons To Consider Ridge Skylights

Sometimes called 'dual pitched rooflights' or simply 'rooflights', ridge skylight systems offer a wide range of benefits. The point where the two sloping sections of the roof come together is known as the ridge of the roof. When you opt for ridge skylights, you replace part of the roof with two or more skylights that meet at the apex of the roof. If your property has a section of roof that can be fitted with ridge skylights, you should definitely think about adding them to your home.

Here are just four reasons why.

1. Day Long Light

Skylights are normally positioned only along one side of a pitched roof. That still means you'll enjoy plenty of natural light, but the passage of the sun through the sky means you're only going to enjoy direct sunlight for part of the day. When you opt for a ridge skylight, that isn't such a concern. Thanks to their position at the top of a roof and their ability to bring in natural light from both sides, they can fill a room with light all through the day. As such, they offer a great way to reduce your dependence on artificial light and lower your energy bills.

2. Uninterrupted Views

Ridged skylights don't just allow sunlight to pour in from different angles — they also provide wide uninterrupted views of the sky above. In fact, their position at the apex of your roof will create the impression that there's no barrier between your home and the outside world, which can help a room feel more open and natural. Sitting beneath your ridged skylights, you'll almost feel like you're outside.

3. Unique Touch

It always makes sense to consider how changes to your property will impact the way it looks, and ridge skylights offer a great way to make your home stand out. While any skylight can add a nice touch to a room, ridge skylights are still unusual enough to ensure your property stands out from the crowd.

4. Even Lighting

Finally, it's worth remembering that having skylights on both sides of a roof can provide even lighting across even larger spaces. In contrast, having skylights on just one side tends to make one section of a room feel much lighter than the other. With two opposing skylights positioned right at the top of the room, the light will come in evenly to eliminate dark spots and provide a more uniform appearance.

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