The Pros and Cons of Stick Framing

Stick framing refers to the traditional way of building roof supports. A carpenter works out the angles that the individual rafter pieces should adhere to and then assemble the rafters onto the house structure. This article discusses the pros and cons of this way to roof a building. The Pros Ceiling height flexibility. Stick framing allows an architect to decide how high he/she wants a roof or ceiling to be. This is because this kind of framing does not consume a lot of space like using trusses to frame a roof. Read More 

Get Your Roller Shutters Maintained Yearly To Avoid Emergency Repairs

Whether they are on your doors or windows, home or business, roller shutters need to be maintained at least yearly just to make sure they work seamlessly. If you do not make the effort to maintain them, your shutters could get stuck and fail to close or open. In some cases, they may tear if one side is stuck along the guide rails. Through maintenance, a team of technicians can prolong the life of your shutters by undertaking the following. Read More