Get Your Roller Shutters Maintained Yearly To Avoid Emergency Repairs

Whether they are on your doors or windows, home or business, roller shutters need to be maintained at least yearly just to make sure they work seamlessly. If you do not make the effort to maintain them, your shutters could get stuck and fail to close or open. In some cases, they may tear if one side is stuck along the guide rails. Through maintenance, a team of technicians can prolong the life of your shutters by undertaking the following.

Cleaning and straightening guides

One of the things repair technicians will do on a maintenance visit is check out your guide rails. It's quite easy to neglect these fixtures even though they play quite an important role. The technicians will clean them out with hard bristle brushes to remove any dirt that could obscure the shutters. Next, they will check for any damage that may have dented or torn the guide rails. This can be remedied by welding and doing a bit of panel beating.

Motor inspection

If your roller shutters are automated, the technicians will have to inspect your motor to ensure you continue enjoying easy and quick functionality. They will check the chord to ensure there is no damage that could cause it to snap. Next they will inspect the motor mounting to ensure it's still firmly installed. Thirdly, they will check for any signs of overheating or shaft damage that could render the motor unusable. If any damage is found, the technicians will advise you accordingly.

Strap replacement and winder testing

If your roller shutters are manually operated, getting your straps replaced is important. If the straps break, you will not be able to open or close your shutters. The technicians will also inspect your winders as they are equally important. If they are damaged, replacing them is advisable.

Bearing replacement and spring check

Lastly, the technicians will check the bearings on your shutter shaft. Worn bearings are the cause of many faulty shutters. If your bearings are worn, the shutters can create a lot of friction during operation. This can result in the shutter getting stuck or making loud noises. Luckily, a simple bearing replacement can rectify the impending damage and give your shutters a new lease of life.

Routine maintenance ensures yours shutters stay in great shape so that you continue enjoying privacy and security in your premises. However, if your shutters need repairs after accidental damage or vandalism, call repair technicians, such as Shutter-Fix, for emergency repairs.