4 Changes To Consider When Replacing Your Metal Roof

There comes a time when your metal roof cannot cover your house adequately any more. This happens if the lifespan of the roofing comes to an end or where dilapidation has led to the roof becoming unsafe. Whatever the case may be, if you're planning to re-roof your home, you might want to think about carrying out the following changes as well.

Roofing colour change

Now that you're carrying out a re-roof, it's your change to change the colour of your metal roofing sheets, if you would like to. If you had never had the old roofing sheets repainted, changing the roofing colour at this time might be best to match other fixtures in your home such as the garage door, the gate or your doors and windows. You can also move from a light-coloured metal roof to a dark-coloured one to ease cleaning needs. Alternatively, you can switch to a light-coloured metal roof to maximize heat repulsion in an attempt to keep your home cooler.

Roofing sheets design

Today, metal roofs are available in numerous designs. It is likely that when you were installing your old roof, most of these designs were not available. For example, if you had the corrugated-style metal roof, you might want to try the new rib-and-pan design that offers a sharp modern look and improved drainage capabilities.

New guttering

Don't forget your gutters as well. As your roofer will suggest, if you are changing your roof, it's highly likely that you need to change your gutters as well. One reason for this is that your old gutters may be worn out. New gutters can go a long way in preventing rot or leaks in your new metal roof. Secondly, you can also change your gutters simply to match them with your new metal roof design. For example, if installing rib-and-pan metal roofing sheets, change your gutters from the half-round design to the box gutter design, just to ensure that the two designs match.

Roofing extension

Another change that you can implement at this time is getting a roof extension. A roof extension will provide you with a shaded area that you can then use as a carport, a veranda, a working shed or even a patio. Considering that you have the labour force on site, all you have to do is buy a few extra sheets of your metal roofing, plus a few support posts, and you're good to go.

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