Indications Your Commercial Fridges Might Need a Repair

Commercial refrigeration and chiller units are designed to put up with a lot more stress than domestic ones. However, this does not mean that that won't need to be serviced or to undergo a repair once in a while. Of course, it is always better to opt for a repair — rather than replacing your units completely — even if there has been a complete breakdown. Many commercial refrigeration repair companies will be able to get your chiller units up and running following a full system failure. That said, most commercial fridge repair requests are made when the units are still functioning. What are the signs your units might be in need of some professional attention?

Leakage and Pooling

One of the first signs you will notice of any commercial refrigeration unit not working to its optimum level is that there will be small puddles of water on the floor. Sometimes these are too small to detect without looking under your unit. There again, a commercial refrigeration repair may be required if you notice pooling at the bottom of your unit. This can be a sign that the seals need attention, for example. Diagnosing the cause of leakage usually doesn't take long and a long-lasting repair can often be carried out at a relatively low cost.

Fluctuating Temperatures

If your refrigeration unit is too hot, then its contents will simply not last as long as they should. This can waste a large amount of money if it happens to be fully stocked with pharmaceuticals or perishable foodstuffs, for instance. Sometimes, a commercial refrigeration repair of this sort will mean swapping the system's temperature sensor for a new one. In other cases, the thermostatic control may be causing the problem. Either way, these types of repairs will be much more cost-effective than buying new fridges or hoping the problem goes away.

Hikes in Electricity Consumption

There can be many reasons for using more electricity than you are used to. However, if your business relies on one or more commercial refrigeration units and you know of no other good reason that your energy consumption might have gone up, then an inspection of your chiller cabinets could be the best move. This is certainly likely to be the case if you also notice occasional whirring sounds or knocking coming from any of your units since this means they won't be working as efficiently as they once did.

For more information about commercial refrigeration repair, contact a local company.