4 Questions To Ask Your Lands Surveyor

A lands surveyor is one of the first consultants you will meet when developing your land. These professionals are essential when subdividing land and establishing its boundaries. This extract proposes a few questions that you should ask your surveyor. Hopefully, it will give insights into the lands surveying process and help you make critical decisions regarding your upcoming project. 

What Are The Zoning Regulations? 

Zoning regulations are a critical concern for any developer. Typically, these regulations will determine what you can put up on your land. For example, the area could be gazetted as an industrial, commercial, residential or mixed-use zone. If you fail to follow these regulations, the local council will not approve your development. If you flout these laws, you might have to pay heavy penalties. 

What Are The Subdivision Regulations? 

Many property owners are not conversant with the land subdivision regulations. They assume that they can subdivide their land as they wish. However, local councils have strict subdivision regulations to ensure the new property owners can enjoy their land. Besides, it guarantees that land does not depreciate. 

Several reasons could prompt you to subdivide your property. For instance, you may want to put up single-family homes, each with its title. Alternatively, you may want to sell a section of the land to raise funds for your development. In other cases, you may want to protect your financial interests by subdividing the development into several plots. It allows you to take a loan using a small section of your land as opposed to risking the entire property. 

Your lands surveyor will inform you about the applicable subdivision laws. For example, they will inform you about the stormwater drainage requirements, the minimum plot size, the required amenities and the process of acquiring new titles. 

Does The Property Have Easements? 

What if the local drainage lines pass beneath the property? Or if the previous landowners allowed the power company to erect overhead powerlines on the property? Easements allow utility companies or the public to use a section of your property. You could be shocked to find out that your neighbour has the right to build an access road on the property. Your lands surveyor will check the land maps and records to establish if the property has easements that could affect your project.  

Are There Upcoming Regulations That Could Affect The Development? 

Land surveyors watch the current and upcoming land and planning regulations. It enables them to offer reliable and solid advice to their clients. For example, if a road will pass on the property in the future, you could design the project in such a way that it leaps the benefits of the project. The surveyor can also inform you about planned changes in the zoning regulations and building code. Therefore, you can ensure the project adheres to the new regulations.