Tips for Renovating Your Kitchen to Feel Larger

You might wish your kitchen were larger. However, you don't have to go so far as moving walls or extending the floor space to make it appear so. By choosing specific design options during a renovation, you can create the illusion of a larger kitchen without adding more physical area. Consider these options for a kitchen renovation:

Glass Splashbacks

Reducing visual clutter is key to making a space look bigger. Busy detailing can give the impression that a room is bursting at the seams — that it's too small to contain everything. One place to start with your clutter-reduction project is across the splashback. Rather than tiles, you could install glass panels, which connect seamlessly without noticeable join lines. The splashback will then form a unified, smooth space, evoking a sense of calm. As well, polished glass reflects light, to brighten up the room.

Seamless Flooring

You can also install flooring that minimises excessive lines and fluctuations. One option is to place larger rather than small tiles, which produce a more obvious network of joins. Or, you could install polished concrete. Its reflective shine will add brightness to the room, and the cement will cover the entire kitchen with a continuous surface without interrupting lines.

Integrated Appliances

Integrated appliances are hidden by cupboard doors. Thus, the cabinetry wall will create a smoother facade. Otherwise, you have the stove, dishwasher, fridge, and microwave taking up large chunks of space — each one grabbing attention because of its difference. With these concealed, your kitchen will be more uniform, and it will seem more spacious.

Pale Colours

Light reflective colours make a kitchen appear bigger than dark absorbent hues. If you don't like all-white kitchens, you could use soft tones like beige or grey. By maintaining the same colour throughout the room, you'll reduce transitions between surfaces, and the kitchen will feel larger as a result. For that reason, you should avoid colour blocking — with contrasting hues on the cupboards and splashback, for example — if your main focus is space maximisation.

Extra Daylight

A bright kitchen feels more spacious than a dim one, everything else being equal. You could introduce extra natural light via a skylight or glass panelled doors if the kitchen faces outside. As well, use artificial lighting to ensure the room is evenly lit, including the corners. If a room has dark spots that aren't visible, it will tend to feel smaller. You could fit recessed lights across the ceiling and task lights under the upper cabinets to take care of all areas. Ask your kitchen renovation services for more tips on how to maximise the floor space.