Landscaping Supplies for a Backyard Stone Patio

One of the things that you may be lacking in your backyard is a patio to use during the season. You may have the overhang for the patio area, but it may simply cover a small set of steps or a small landing. If you have been thinking about expanding your patio to create a fully covered area to enjoy during the entire year, then here are some landscaping supplies you may need for the job.

Paving Template

If you do not have experience in paving or laying patio bricks, then you may want to consider a paving template. These templates can be purchased from local hardware and home improvement stores in packs of two or more template blocks. These template blocks are outdoor resin that is designed in a specific open outline pattern. You place ready made bricks or quick set concrete into the spaces. The template is removed and you are left with the properly measured out spacing to create the pattern of the patio you want.

Quick Set Concrete

You can use a well packed dirt or clay between the blocks of your patio to create a mortar. This is a quick fix choice, but if you want the patio to stay in place over time and through the different weather changes, then you want something a bit longer lasting. Quick set concrete is ideal for this. You do not have to do much to mix it, and you do not have to wait an overly long time for it to set. It is ideal for most DIY landscaping projects like this and can be found in most hardware and home improvement stores.


If you plan on using any type of mortar, then you will need to get a trowel. You will want to use the trowel to smooth out the mortar and help create an even layer for your patio. Trowels are fairly easy to find and can be found in multiple sizes as well as shapes to help you when you reach corners and need to smooth out mortar easily in those corners.

Landscaping Border

Depending on the type of patio you are building, and the type of look you are working for, you may want to have a landscaping border. This can go around the border of your patio and create a finished look. You can use landscaping timbers, railroad timbers, and landscaping pavers as well. These are all available from your local hardware store.

Keep in mind, when you start a patio landscaping project, you will need to get set measurements and convert some of those measurements to square footage in order to get the right amount of landscaping supplies, such as fill dirt and mortar.