Drain Cleaning | 4 Ways Your Bathroom Indicates Blocked Drains In Your Home

As a homeowner, you probably have a ton of household chores and issues to deal with, especially when it comes to maintenance. While drains behave for the most part, every so often, they throw up some problems thanks to items like sanitary napkins, diapers and wet wipes being flushed down toilets regularly. When your drains are blocked, your bathroom will indicate some warning signs. You will need to get a professional drain cleaning company immediately to unclog the drains or you risk a major plumbing catastrophe in your home.

Your Bathroom Drains Spew Strange Gurgling Noises

You probably may not think much about the sound of drains because all the action usually transpires below or outside your home. When drains start to get blocked because of deposits or items near your piping system, you may start to hear strange gurgling noises after flushing the toilet or taking a shower. In this instance, your bathroom is clearly indicating that you may need drain cleaning to prevent any problems later.

Your Bathroom Finds It Difficult To Drain Water

You use the multiple reasons –– to have a shower, to brush your teeth or to use the toilet. Your drains are well engineered to manage all these actions without any difficulty. But if your drains are blocked, then you will start to notice that your sink, washbasin, toilet or shower enclosure finds it difficult to drain water. If you ignore this problem for too long, then the blockage will clog up the drains until your bathroom gets flooded with sewage water.

Your Toilet Water Sits Higher Than Usual

When your drains don't function as they are supposed to, the level of water that sits in your toilet seat will rise more than usual. This is a clear indication that your pipes aren't draining out water properly. In some instances, the water level may even reach the rim of the toilet seat when you flush it. Unless you get drain cleaning, this wastewater will eventually spill over onto your bathroom floors and other fixtures.

Your Bathroom Emits Punitive Odours

If you have an exhaust in your bathroom, then ideally it should remain odour-free. But if you start to notice some punitive odours regularly in your bathroom, then you have cause for concern because this is a sure sign of blocked drains. A drain cleaning company will need to be notified immediately before the odour becomes unbearable in your bathroom.

If you notice any of these signs of blocked drains in your home, then be sure to call a drain cleaning company like RMC immediately before your bathroom gets flooded with sewage water.