What You Need to Consider When Choosing Commercial Cleaners for Your Facility

It's never good for any employer to assume their office staff will be responsible for cleaning the office; the staff may not do a very good job, they may resent being asked to clean on top of their other responsibilities, and their time is usually better spent taking care of customers and other such work than vacuuming floors! When you are ready to hire a commercial cleaning company for your facility, note a few things to consider so you know what's involved and know you choose the right company for your business.

1. Always ask about long-term contracts 

Many companies will ask you to sign a long-term contract, perhaps a year or more, and this might be acceptable to you. However, it's good to note what is needed to get out of that contract in case the company doesn't do a very good job or you find someone with better pricing. Many cleaning companies will require a 30-day notice, some might require a 60-day notice, but some might not have any type of termination clause in the contract at all. Be sure you read over this part carefully and understand your options for a long-term contract so you can lock in a good price but also get out of the contract within a reasonable time frame, if necessary.

2. Ask about background checks

Since your commercial cleaners won't be on your staff, you won't be able to perform background checks of those who will be entering your building. You may not even be able to meet or know who will be part of the cleaning crew. This is why it's good to ensure that any company you hire will do this themselves so that you know no one with a criminal past will have access to your space after hours.

3. Ask what they do if you're not happy with service on a particular day

If the cleaners clearly miss an area of the office, if they overlooked something important like taking out the trash, or you're simply not happy with the cleaning on a particular day, how is this handled? In some cases they may adjust your bill but you may prefer that they come back and handle the job again, before their next scheduled visit. Not all cleaning companies will do that, as they may not have an opening in their schedule to send a crew back. Whatever their reasons for how they handle such complaints, be sure you discuss it before signing a contract so you know what to expect.