What is best for Option your Driveway Repair?

Nothing feels better than that smooth slow cruise on your driveway just before parking your car after a long day of hard work. Unfortunately, this peace could be ruined by a crack or a pot hole somewhere on your driveway. After discovering that your driveway is wearing out, the question is what to do about it. Would you rather patch up the holes and fill the cracks, resurface, or simply replace the entire driveway altogether? Well, whichever choice you make, there are pros and cons to each of those alternatives as discussed below.


The best short term solution for a cracked asphalt driveway is patching. First of all, it is cost effective, since you would only need materials to fill the cracks or holes in your driveway. Apart from that, there are also creative ideas for patching. For instance, you could use stained concrete for your patches to add some more colour to your driveway. Other than that, there are also specialised materials for patching like water stop hydraulic cement that is specially designed for repairing active water leaks in concrete. In addition, you could use patching to add more design to your parking space by creating strategic patch patterns. Remember that patching is very temporary and could be costly over time if done repetitively.


If patching doesn't sound too good, then you could consider resurfacing your driveway. Resurfacing is simply scraping off the top layer of your driveway and replacing it with another. It is a bit more costly than patching but less expensive than replacement. Resurfacing is a good alternative for cracks and holes that are not deeper than the middle ground. Refinishing would revamp your driveway and give it a brand new look. While at it, you could choose to stick to the original surface or change to something else.  For example, you may use polymer modified mortar for more durability and abrasion resistance. Apart from being more costly than patching, resurfacing doesn't last as long as replacement, and is not recommended for very old asphalt driveways.


Replacement is probably the most permanent solution for a spoiled driveway. It involves replacing the entire driveway from its foundation to its surface. Replacement is the best option for very old driveways or driveways with very deep cracks and holes. With replacement, you could increase the size of your driveway, increase its height, and even choose a completely different design. However, it is more expensive because it requires more materials and takes more time to install than the other alternatives.

For more information on driveway resurfacing, talk to a professional.