2 Concrete Repair Jobs You Can Do

Some homeowners put off having concrete repairs done because they may not have the funds to hire a professional immediately. This delay causes the problem to get worse, and the homeowner pays dearly for his or her procrastination. However, not all concrete repairs require a professional. This article discusses two concrete repair jobs that you can handle on your own in case your concrete driveway develops minor defects.

Isolated Holes and Cracks

Two approaches can be used to repair isolated holes and cracks in your concrete driveway. The first (using caulk) is a temporary fix that is recommended during winter when it is not advisable to conduct concrete work. Buy a tube of concrete caulk from a hardware store near you. Sweep out any dust within the crack or hole. Open a tube of concrete caulk and squeeze a bead into the crack or hole. Let it set for the recommended duration before you can walk or drive on that repaired surface. This temporary fix will prevent water from seeping into the crack. That water can freeze and expand, thereby worsening the defect in the concrete.

The second way to deal with isolated holes and cracks can be applied if there is no snow or rain. Use a chisel and a hammer to create a gap that is a little bigger than the original hole or crack. It is advisable to create a hole that is narrower at the bottom than at the top. This will ensure that frost heave does not cause the filling compound that you use to be pushed upwards. Once the hole is complete, apply latex bonding glue as instructed on the package. Fill the hole with patching compound. All these products are readily available in hardware stores. Follow the instructions provided on the package of the patching compound.

Frost Heave

Some sections of the sub-base of your concrete driveway can expand after absorbing moisture and freezing. This can cause the concrete there to heave. Fix this problem by using a chisel to cut out the affected part of the concrete. Remove the frozen soil and replace it with sand. Sand is a good material to use because it hardly retains water. Apply a patching compound as earlier described.

It is advisable to cure any repaired concrete by covering it using a plastic sheet for several days. You can also use masonry paint to make the repaired section to match the rest of the driveway. Hire a concrete repair professional to in case the damage to your driveway is extensive.