How to Keep Your Septic Tank Cleaned

If you live somewhere rural and don't have access to a sewer system, you probably have a septic tank system. There is a septic tank on your property where all your waste and water goes. While they perform effectively and can last a long time, they need be kept clean and well maintained. Here are some ways to keep your septic tank clean.

Know What Not Put Down the Drains

In order to have a clean septic tank, you need to keep certain things out of the drains. Many things you don't put down the drains is similar to having a sewer system, such as keeping all oil, grease, and cooking fat out of the drains. The grease tends to stick to the sides of the pipes, which causes blockages. Some of the grease might reach the septic tank, which can cause even more issues. You also want to be careful not to put excessive amounts of paper items into the drain, as this also builds up in the tank. This includes paper towels, tissue papers, feminine hygiene products, and disposal diapers. Even paper items that say they can be flushed, avoid flushing any paper items that are not toilet tissue.

Be Careful When Dumping Chemicals

With a septic system, you need to be extra careful with the types of household products that get put down the drains. Septic systems are more sensitive to chemicals than a traditional plumbing system. While it is okay to rinse off a small amount of household cleaning products, try not to pour an excessive amount down the drains. If your shower drain is clogged, do not use a commercial drain cleaning product. Instead, use boiling water or a small amount of baking soda to help clear up the drains. Make sure you never dump water used to clean paint or similar chemicals. Also avoid a lot of bleach or detergent from going into the drains.

Have Your Tank Pumped Regularly

You also need to get the tank pumped on a regular basis. This must be done by a plumbing professional who is experienced with septic tanks. While knowing what not to put down the septic system is going to help, it isn't enough. The waste builds up in the tank after the wastewater ends up in the landfill outside. Call a plumber to find out how often to get the tank pumped. The frequency will depend on the size of your home and how many people live in your home.