Tips for Enjoying Reliable Service from Your Garbage Disposal

A plumbing appliance is any appliance used to provide drainage service in residential or commercial properties. One of the most important plumbing appliances used in most homes is garbage disposals. Garbage disposals are used to remove leftover food from dining ware prior to cleaning in the dishwasher. To reap reliable service from your garbage disposal, you need to know how to use and clean it properly. Here are some important care tips for your disposal unit.

Use It Properly

To ensure proper use of your disposal, it is important that you know what should and shouldn't be put down the appliance. The machine is only so powerful to shred soft food waste items such as fruit peels, egg shells, veggies, fish bones, cooked rice or pasta. Non-food items should by no means be allowed to go down your disposal simply because that is not what the appliance is designed for. Therefore, those broken glasses, shrimp shells, corn husks, and cigarette butts should NEVER go down your disposal. Instead, throw them in the garbage bin. But there are also a host of many different items used in the kitchen that should not be put in your disposal. These include cooking grease, fats and oils, which are known to congeal inside the drain pipes and cause clogging.

Keep It Clean

Keeping your disposal clean is critical to preventing potential problems. Regularly cleaning the unit will help avoid clogs and other issues that may cost lots of time and money to rectify. For a basic clean, put a little dish soap into the drain and run the unit with cold water for a few minutes after every dish-washing exercise. The cold water should help harden any greases that may be disposed together with food debris. The solidified greases can then be shredded by the disposal blades before it passes through and congeals in your drain pipes. This will help keep your disposal running clog-free for a long, long time.

To freshen up your disposal when bad odours start coming from the unit, you can toss a few lemon juice ice cubes into the disposal and run it. The citrus ice cubes will produce a nice smell that can help neutralise the unpleasant smells.

Do not wait until your garbage disposal acts up to realise just how important it is. By following the provided advice, you can avoid costly plumbing issues with your unit.