Home Electrical Projects That Are Better Left to a Professional Contractor

When it's time to tackle some repair work around the house, you may be tempted to handle these jobs on your own in order to save as much money as possible. While you might be able to do some jobs yourself with the right tools and a bit of knowhow, there are some jobs that are better left to professionals no matter how simple and straightforward they may seem. Note a few electrical projects that are better left to a professional electrical contractor and why you shouldn't try to manage them yourself.

1. Kitchen and bathroom plugs

Most kitchen and bathroom plugs today will have an additional ground fault circuit interrupter, or GFCI. If this is not grounded properly, this can increase the risk of electrical fires and shocks. If you've never installed a plug with a GFCI before, it's better if you call an electrician to do this. The added ground wiring behind the walls can get complicated to install and connect properly, and yet you don't want to leave it undone. The added risk of a plug getting wet in the kitchen or bathroom can mean an added risk of fire or shock with a GFCI plug that isn't grounded properly.

2. Outdoor lighting

Because outdoor lighting is exposed to weather, high winds, and the like, it's imperative that the wiring be installed properly and the outlets be protected. Many outdoor outlets have a type of metal covering to protect them, and plugs may also need that additional GFCI added. This type of installation can get complicated for many homeowners. If you want to hang string lighting such as over a patio or pergola roof, you need to ensure it's properly secured to the building materials without damaging the wiring. This too is better left to a professional who can ensure the safety and function of your outdoor lighting.

3. Pool work

Any and all wiring and accessories around your pool have a higher risk of getting wet; if the filter or pump malfunctions, water might back up into the pump line and cause damage or a flood. This is why it's important that you have an electrical contractor manage all work around the pool area. This can include installing a new pump or filter, installing lights, and the like. A professional contractor can ensure that the wiring is properly grounded and the right type of circuits and interrupters are installed for the pool area so the electrical connections and wiring are safe even when exposed to water.