Different Options You Can Consider For Pool Fencing

When looking to install pool fencing, you will find that the different options available will provide you with various advantages. Your pool fencing can be for security reasons, for privacy reasons or it can be purely ornamental. This is why there are an array of options to choose from. Here are some of the different options that you can consider when contemplating pool fencing for your home.

Chain-link pool fencing

This is one of the most basic materials you can opt for when considering pool fencing. Since it does not offer much in terms of aesthetic appeal, it is an economic option for people looking for pool fencing on a budget. In addition to this, it is also low maintenance, so you will not have to spend time trying to keep it in good condition. Chain-link fencing on its own does not offer much in terms of privacy; however, if you would like to keep prying eyes out of your swimming enclosure, then you could opt to have plastic slats incorporated into the chain-link design. These plastic slats come in a variety of colours and can be installed diagonally, horizontally or vertically.

Wood pool fencing

If you are looking for rustic fencing that will complement the outdoors, then wood pool fencing would be a good choice. Not only does it provide you with privacy, but it can also be quite secure, preventing any unauthorized entry into your pool area. It should be noted, though, that not all wood species are great for pool fencing, as they do not all weather well under wet conditions. One of the best species you could opt for is cedar wood. Pool fencing made from cedar will be resistant to rot and decay, without the added need of pre-treating and sealing the wood. Additionally, cedar naturally turns grey with sun exposure, which could also work to enhance the aesthetics of your pool fencing. If you would prefer it to remain brown or a particular colour of your liking, then you would have to have it stained or painted occasionally.

Aluminium pool fencing

Typically, this type of pool fencing is chosen for its ornamental value. Instead of using solid metal, aluminium pool fencing is manufactured from hollow tubes. The aluminium tubes are then powder coated to protect them from corrosion. Since the fencing is powder coated, you get a wide selection of colours to choose from. This type of pool fencing is also low maintenance and provides you with some degree of security.

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