Professionally Waterproofing Your Home

A foundation problem is probably one of the most damaging, costly and tricky situation a house can end up with.  The foundation is quite literally the strength of your entire home. Unfortunately, a majority of foundation problems are caused by, or related to water. This is why waterproofing your home foundation is a crucial step that may determine a lot of things in the future for your home. While the internet seems to have made a general contractor in almost everyone, it may not be a good idea to channel your inner DIY spirit and undertake waterproofing alone. Here are some key concerns addressed during waterproofing and why they should be handled by a professional waterproofing contractor. 

From ground up complementary systems

Waterproofing is done to protect your foundation from present, future, and anticipated water concerns. The professional contractor will come up with various systems that work together in a complementary manner to address these problems. There are drains to be made to move water away from the foundation base, there will be ground and surface treatments geared towards directing surface runoff away. And finally, there will be wall treatments that prevent rainwater from directly ending up down your foundation. Each of these systems is done in specific ways with different considerations made. 

Products and suitability

Once again, the internet may give you information on very many products, but never the experience with these products. There are many different materials used for waterproofing.  Generally, many people identify with cementitious waterproofing.  Beyond this, there are various liquid membranes that can also be used for waterproofing. There are also sheet membranes made of various materials, which are laid over surfaces for waterproofing. 

Concrete waterproofing is also a very popular option with many contractors. A new option that has begun to see an upsurge is the use of sodium bentonite. The clay is produced in panels that are laid down for waterproofing. This material is gaining popularity because of its highly absorptive capabilities. When the clay absorbs water, it swells up and expands pushing its way into cracks, crevices and such openings. When it finally reaches maximum expansion, the clay will dry within these regions making permanent seals. With all these product variances, you need someone with more than just the knowledge about these products by your side. Experience with the products will prove useful.

Do it right the first time

Finally, as earlier mentioned, you do not want foundation problems to arise way later after your home is complete. Remember that most of these surfaces you are waterproofing will be beneath other structures in future. You need the process done perfectly because a future repair may just prove to be quite the costly and intrusive affair. But you are not doomed if you did not waterproof properly in the earlier stages of your home construction. A professional waterproofing contractor can salvage the situation and restore your home to the perfect water-safe state you want it to be.