Tips to Help You Stain Your Wooden Deck Like a Pro

Does your wooden deck need a new finish? Are you planning to stain that deck? Read on and learn some helpful tips that will enable you to achieve lasting results when you stain your deck.

Avoid Wire Brushes

The deck should be cleaned thoroughly before you begin staining it. Any dirt trapped underneath the staining product will mar the final appearance of the decking. Stay away from surface preparation tools such as steel wool and wire brushes. Such items may leave metal particles embedded within the wood. Those embedded particles will eventually rust and cause the deck surface to look stained. Instead, use a scrubbing brush that has plastic bristles.

Have a Drop Cloth with You

It is advisable to stain the vertical sections of the decking (such as railings) before you stain the horizontal surfaces, such as the floor. This approach is advisable for several reasons. For example, you will not have to walk on the stained floor as you stain spots that you had missed on the vertical surfaces. As you stain the vertical surfaces, place a drop cloth on the floor under the area where you are working. That drop cloth will capture any dripping stain so that it does not form dark spots once you add another layer of staining product to that exact spot where a drop from the rail landed.

Know How Much Stain to Mix

Some stain products may not come in a ready-to-use mix. Such stains require you to mix different products until a consistent mix is achieved. It is better to mix all the stain that you will use in one large container. This will ensure that the stain has a consistent colour and concentration. If you mix the stain in small installments, the decking may end up with different shades. It will be difficult to attain the same colour and viscosity in each the different lots of stain that you mix. Measure the square footage of the deck surfaces and buy the right quantity of staining products based on the surface area that each can of stain can cover.

You may never have to hire a professional to stain your wooden deck if you implement the tips above as you perform your first DIY deck staining project. Hire a professional to stain the deck in case you do not have sufficient time to do the job yourself.

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