Follow These Easy Storage Solutions for a Smaller Kitchen

If you have a small kitchen, you might be looking for ways to add more storage to that space. While you will need to think outside the box, there are still many ways to store everything you need, regardless of how small your kitchen is.

Use Shelves in Your Cabinets

Your small kitchen likely has at least some upper and lower cabinets, which you need to use as much as possible. If some of the cabinets don't have shelves in them already, get yourself some stackable shelves. This will allow you to use every inch of the space and get as many of your dishes and small appliances stored as possible. Some cabinets are an open space, where if you stack your plates and bowls in them, there is still plenty of space above these dishes. If you had a shelf, you might be able to stack more items on the top shelf. It is easy to find cheap stackable shelves that don't require any type of installation.

Hang Pots and Pans From the Ceiling

You may have seen some modern-style kitchens that have pots and pans hanging from a fixture that is installed in the kitchen's ceiling. This not only gives your kitchen an updated look and makes it convenient to easily grab the pans you need, but it helps free up some cabinet space. Consider all of the empty space above your head in the kitchen, where you could actually hang things. Many home improvement stores already sell the fixture you need, so all you have to do is secure it to your ceiling and hang the pots and pans. They are now out of your cabinets, but still easily accessible.

Use the Walls of the Kitchen

Making good use of your small kitchen and adding more storage has to do with using every inch of space not currently being utilized. You might want to remove the artwork you have hanging on the kitchen walls and use those walls for storage. For example, you can hang a magnetic strip above the stovetop on the wall and put all your metal knives and utensils on it. This frees up more space in your kitchen drawers, so you have sufficient room for other utensils and flatware. If you have a wall that is empty above where you put your trash can, consider having some shelves installed there for small appliances or extra dishes that don't fit anywhere else.

If these tips aren't enough, contact a local home renovations expert.