Common Reasons Why You May Require Air Conditioner Repairs

Although your home's heating and cooling system is designed to serve you for a significant amount of time, it does not mean that these appliances are immune to wear and tear. The problems that compound air conditioning units can further be aggravated if the unit is not well maintained. Negligence will inevitably lead to problems with your unit, which could have easily been arrested if the unit underwent regular maintenance from the professionals. The key to keeping your unit in good working condition is to be wary of signs of wear and tear. Here are some of the common reasons why you may require air conditioner repairs.

Your air conditioning unit has a leak

There are two types of leaks that you air conditioning unit may experience. The first is a water leak. If your air conditioning unit is experiencing this, you will typically find water pooling below it and in the unit. The main cause for water leaking is if the condensation pan has acquired some damage, thus is not keeping the condensate in place. Water leaks may seem harmless but if left undeterred, they can cause irreparable harm to the interior components of the unit in the form of corrosion. Additionally, water leaks also provide a breeding ground for both mould and mildew, which could significantly affect the quality of air being ventilated into your home.

Another leak you should look out for is a refrigerant leak. These leaks tend to be hard to pinpoint, however, they lead to your air conditioning unit working harder toward keeping the air in your residence cool. If you find yourself always having to adjust the temperature of your unit, you should consider consulting with an HVAC contractor on whether or not there is sufficient refrigerant in the unit.

Your air conditioning unit's compressor is not working

The compressor is a component in your air conditioning unit that works toward the pressurization of refrigerant. Therefore, it invariably controls how your unit both heats and cools your home. The compressor comprises a motor as well as complex electrical wiring, as such, it is not uncommon for one of these parts acquiring damage over time. If the heating and cooling in your home is compromised, you should have an air conditioning contractor examine the compressor to establish whether the problem stems from this component. Considering that refrigerant runs through the compressor, it is never advisable to tamper with it on your own as you put yourself at risk of injury.