3 Low Cost Ideas to Make Your Garden Fun for the Whole Family

Making good use of your garden can be a challenge when you have a family with different needs. Dividing your garden into sections can be a great way to ensure that everyone has an outdoor area that they can use. It doesn't have to be expensive to create an outdoor space that is beautiful and fun to use. Here are three ideas that require a small amount of effort and money but give your garden more structure. 

Grown-Up Decking Area

A decking area creates a space to sit in your garden. Use it as a sun deck for loungers, or place a table and chairs on it to make an outdoor eating area. If you have teens that like to lounge around, consider two decking areas -- one for loungers and one for eating. Decking can be expensive and requires some skill to fit, but creating a deck doesn't have to break the bank. Using pallets is a cheap way to build a deck. You can often find used pallets for sale at low prices if you look around, and sometimes you'll even find them for free. These allow you to create a deck that is environmentally friendlier, built with reused wood. Choose pallets that are designed to hold heavy loads. If you're placing the deck on stable, flat ground, you can put the pallets directly on the earth. On uneven ground, sink concrete blocks into the soil to support the corners of each pallet. If you're going for a fancier look in your garden, consider painting, staining or varnishing the pallets.

Family Planting Areas

Whether you want to grow something pretty or just some fruit and veg, planting is a great family activity. It may be hard to get your teens interested in gardening, but it's something you can do with your younger kids. Planting areas can be sectioned off by using old sleepers or recycled pallets as borders. These can be painted to complement your decking for a uniformed look that ties your garden together. If you're planting flowers, you can use these areas to add bursts of organised colour. Clever placement of planting areas helps create privacy between sections of your garden. High plants form a screen around sitting areas and give shade from the wind. 

Child-Friendly Play Areas

With children and toys around, it can be hard to keep a garden clean and safe. An enclosed area creates one central space for children to play, keeping toys and play equipment together. This way, you only need to cover a small area with soft play flooring. This flooring ranges in price, with sand and bark being cheaper alternatives to the more expensive foam coverings. Position your children's area close to your sitting area so you can keep an eye on your kids at all times. Make sure you use low fencing so your view isn't obstructed.