Performing your own site analysis before building a deck in your garden

A site analysis is something you need to have done in case you're building a new house, and sometimes when you're just buying a new house to get to know the full extent of its qualities. This type of site analysis is usually performed by a professional. However, a site analysis is also something that can become beneficial if you're planning on a large scale project on your property. If you're building a deck, you might want to attempt to do a site analysis to make sure the project is as adapted to the circumstances as possible. Before you do this, however, there are a few things you should know.

Existing features

One of the most important things to note when performing a site analysis in order to build a new deck is the existing features on your property. Draw a map of the house, the trees, and the bushes. You should also take some time to notice how the sun is affected by these items. If you want a place on your deck that is in the shadows all day, then note where these places are on your property. If there are trees that are casting too many shadows for your new project, then make a note on what trees to cut down or trim to make sure that your deck stays completely in the sun all day.


Another very important thing with your site analysis is to note the water in your garden. Find out where the sewage pipes and water lines are drawn underneath your garden to make sure you are not in the danger zone of harming them with your building project. You can also perform soil tests on the soil in your garden to make sure that the soil you're planning to build your deck on isn't too wet. Building on muddy soil can create problems for your deck in the future, and you will in that case need to take precautions either to dry out the soil or to build further reinforcements for your deck to not be unstable.


Noise is another important thing to take notice of, as you most likely will be spending a lot of time on your deck and don't want to find out when it's already built that there are annoying noises that can affect your relaxing time on your deck. If you notice that the noise from traffic is particularly loud right in that spot, you might, for example, want to plan to build a noise reducing screen towards the street as an addition to your deck.