What to Do to Make Re-roofing as Tolerable as Possible for You and Your Family

Re-roofing is a large project that is going to affect you and your family during the time it's being performed. The best home builders have structured schedules that are being followed to finish the project as quickly as possible, but during that time you will have to change your way of life slightly. To get through a re-roofing process as hassle free as possible, there are a few precautions you can take to make sure that the influence from the building taking place doesn't disturb you and your family too much in your daily life.

Be careful with walls

The first thing you need to take care of, as this is the preparation that might take the longest time, is to make sure there are no things inside the house that might break or fall down due to vibrations caused by the re-roofing. Remove all frames and other decorations from the walls and make sure that fragile furniture is removed from against the wall. If you have bookshelves, you need to either screw them to the wall or move them away from it. If you already have bookshelves that are screwed to the wall, you might want to remove any fragile items from them. Consider making sure that all light fixtures on the ceiling are secure, as well.

Prepare attic space

In most cases, you will be responsible for the cleaning after the re-roofing has been done. You can prepare for this and make the job easier for yourself by covering up furniture or even the floor in your attic or roof space with plastic tarps. If someone lives in the space directly under the roof they should move downstairs during the process, as dust and debris might come falling down from the roof. Make sure to also move fragile furniture from that space to avoid having it destroyed by the re-roofing.

Protect your family and outdoor belongings

You need to take extra care when it comes to the outside area directly surrounding your house. Close all windows and make sure that nobody reaches out of them. This also helps prevent dust from blowing inside your house. Alert builders and be extremely cautious when passing directly underneath the work area. Falling debris can seriously injure you if you were to be hit. Keep your children and pets inside as much as possible when the re-roofing is in process and go with them when they have to pass underneath the building project. You should also keep your car as far away from the building area as possible to make sure it doesn't get damaged. Not keeping your car in the driveway will also help the builders to access the workplace better. 

Get in touch with a contractor from a company like Heathy's Rocksolid Contractors to schedule your re-roofing and ask for any more safety tips.